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Welcome to IGM Lifts and Supplies, your number one source for all lift solutions. We're dedicated to providing you the very best, with an emphasis on quality, design, efficiency and practicality.


With over 30 years of experience, our company has come a long way in the development of lifts. During our years of service, we were always on a mission to deliver high quality products and professional customer service through commitment, teamwork and a positive attitude.

You name it we do it!


We hope you enjoy our products and services as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any queries or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us. 



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platform lift


Making sure your loved ones have an independent quality of life that goes together with providing a good means of ensuring mobility in a reliable and safe way. At IGM lifts we take the utmost care to provide high quality mobility lifts for the peace of mind. *currently not accepting orders

lift cabin


At IGM Lifts we will help you to find the right solution for your home to make sure we match the aesthetics, budget and functionality. We also cater for lift installation for apartments. Contact us to know more.

high rise lift


These types of lifts are typically used for high buildings. We can cater for hotels, malls, apartment blocks and business centres. Our service includes consultation before executing the project. We take care of every detail the client might need like lift speed, capacity, design and much more.


Machine room less lifts

Machine-room-less elevators are ideal for premises which have limited or confined spaces. We will inspect the area where you wish to install the lift in order to come up with the best proposal possible for you in terms of functionality and budget, whilst keeping in mind the radical decrease in maintenance issues to increase peace of mind.


HYDRAULIC LIFTS (Including commercial)

At IGM Lifts we offer an excellent range of high stress resistant hydrualic lifts which are able to withstand significant pressure whilst still bearing in mind the minimizing of maintenance costs. These types of lifts work through the exertion of pressure of oil  liquid into a piston, to enable the elevation of the lift. Hydraulic lifts that can also cater for large loads like cars and heavy machinery (Mainly used for commercial applications). Hydraulic lifts are also widely used in residences since they also require less shaft space.



These types of lifts are the choice to go for when the installation is required to occur in a place where there is limited space below the lift. Pitless lifts do not require space below the pit shaft, thus enabling more ergonomic design with the building. 

Parallel lifts

Traditional traction lifts

Traction lifts are the most simple kind of lifts and also where the first kind of lifts to ever start being produced around the world. The mechanism is very simple since it works with a counterweight which will lift the elevator up and vice versa when it goes down. These types of lifts are also very versatile since they are highly customizable.


Dumbwaiter lifts

Do you have a restaurant and wish to install a new food lift (Dumbwaiter)? or perhaps you wish to open a new establishment which involves food handling and serving, including elderly homes, cafe's, etc. We can provide the right solution for your needs. Contact us to know more.

Lift technician

maintenance and Modernisation

Our maintenance agreements are flexible and designed to give the individual peace of mind when break-downs occur. We strive to offer a timely and efficient service to ensure the continuity of the usage of the lift and not cause further limitation. Contact us for a plan and further infromation.

Lift with metal and glass structure

Custom made structures

Tailor Made Structures. New Solutions for your lift design. This includes state-of-the-art metal or concrete structures, made by professionals. This will guarantee a smooth elevator, wherever you desire it.

MOBILITY LIFTS (Wheelchair friendly)

Improving accessibility is of utmost importance for any home, residence or premises. Its even more important to make sure adequate access is guaranteed to people who use other methods/means of commute. We offer a vast range of mobility lifts to suit the needs and budget wheter if its for a commercial premises or for personal use.

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